Pretzel Crisps…MMMMmmmmmmmm

So, my fatness has gotten out of control as of late.  I’ve decided to double up on my water and veggie intake and hit the kettlebell like it owes me money.  Sidebar – the kettlebell workout is the best workout in the world. Image

I have also decided to eat foods with natural ingredients thereby doing away with the majority of my go-to snacks….I can not even bare the thought of listing them to you all..just know that they are yummy, crispity…and in some cases chocolately…bits of heaven..

If, however, I intend on maintaining my sanity (and not biting my husband’s head off), I knew that I was in dire need of a snack that is not packed with a ton of high fructose corn syrup for one and will get my by when good old fruit just is not enough.  Cue super hero rescue music. Enter Pretzel Crisps.


These chips are friggin awesome. They are so light and cripsy. They make me happy.  They are also fat free.  Now, I am not claiming that these are the healthiest things to snack on. Surely, I am not.  What I am saying is that they are far better than the average chip which is often laden with things I cannot pronounce but can certainly pounce on.  The original pretzel crisp flavor contain wheat flour, sugar, salt, and malt syrup.  That is it. No guilty feelings over here provided that I consume them in moderation.

So, I beseech you, rethink your pretzel!! 🙂

The Trendy Diva