Bantu-Knot Out. First Attempt and mini rave about B.A.S.K. Beauty’s ENTIRE line of products

I was inspired to straighten my hair this weekend.  Now, this may not seem like a huge deal but it was.  I have been natural for over two years and have not applied any heat to my hair since I chopped it all off.  In retrospect this was not a well thought out idea considering I have never had this much friggin hair on my head.

Anyway, here was my process: I rinsed my hair with water for a few minutes then deep conditioned with B.A.S.K. Beauty Cacao Bark Deep Conditioning Hair Treat and added some of their Y.A.M. Nectar Intense Honey Hair Nourisher to my ends.



These conditioners together leave my hair sooooo soft and happy.  I am obsessed with them.  I wanted to add a little more umph to the conditioner so I threw some olive butter and brazil nut butter (both of which can be found here for cheap) on top of my hair and sat under the hair steamer for 20 magical minutes.  My hair never felt so good.

I then lightly shampooed my hair with Carol’s Daughters Chocolat Smoothing Shampoo (sulfate-free) to get rid of any buttery residue my intense conditioning process may have left behind and followed the shampoo with Carol’s Daughters Smoothing Conditioner.


Sadly my hair did not feel as good as it did after the deep conditioning but it felt clean and strong – two things I knew would help get my hair straight.

For two frigging hours, I fought with the blow dryer armed with Carol’s Daughters Chocolat Smoothing Blow Dry Cream (which was also meh) until my hair was completely dry and straight for the most part.  It was smooth so thank you Carol’s Daughter..but my ends..they were a different story.  I figured my new SEDU Revolution flat iron would take care of that.  WRONG.  My carpal tunnel started flaring and my hands felt like they could only do this:


My husband thought this was hilarious…it wasn’t. So, there I sat with no idea what to do (I did not want to keep applying heat to my ends to make them straight because I was terrifled of damaging them) until I recalled a video I saw on bantu-knot outs for straightened hair.  Eureka!!!!!!

Here is a good tutorial for banu-knots.  Note, this is not my video or any of my pictures, they are just good examples.  I used B.A.S.K.’s Palm Tapioca Hair Cream which is the bizomb to create the knots and left them in overnight.   Oh and here is my finished product! Yes, an actual picture of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Image

I think it looks pretty smooth considering this is the first time I tried the style.  Still not a fan of Carol’s Daughter’s smoothing collection – perhaps my hair does not like the vegetable protein the line is packed with? Anyway, I like the beachy wavey curly look.  Too bad the style only lasted three days!!!  Thankfully, when I washed my hair all of my curls came right back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


The Trendy Diva