The Perfect Steak

Here’s a few tips to make sure your steak tastes as good as mine. 😉

1. Buy a good steak – the better the quality, the better it will taste.

I prefer porterhouse and t-bone steaks as they have a good fat to meat ratio.  My mom loves filet mignon.   All high quality, tasty cuts.

2. Let your steak rest for at least an hour before cooking.  Steak panics/freaks out and will toughen up if you put it into a hot pan directly from your fridge.

Use this time to season your steak (unless you prefer to marinate it overnight – yum, flavor!!!).  In any event, I suggest using a rub consisting of season salt, pepper, fresh garlic, a dash of paprika. 

And, here’s how to cook that steak to perfection:

1. Pre-heat oven on broil (~450 degrees)

2.   Heat cast iron pan with some Pam or a bit of vegetable oil until it is piping hot.

A good steak calls for use of both the stove top and the oven.  Cast iron pans are great because they can also go in the oven!!  Multi-use items (and multi-tasking for that matter) make this Diva smile! 🙂

2. Pan sear steak for 2-3 minutes on each side and finish off in the oven for 10 minutes.

10 minutes in the oven will get your steak to medium-well – adjust broil time  +/- 3 minutes according to how “cooked” you want your steak to be.    

3. Serve with a salad, some steamed veggies, or your side of choice and enjoy!

Bon Appetit,

The Trendy Diva